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TIDSÅTGÅNG: 75-150 minuter
UTMÄRKELSER: Nej av Spiel Des Jahres, 1:a plats i Deutscher Spiele Preis (2016)
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Läs om vad som menas med komplexitet och upplevd kontroll.

Chartered companies were associations formed for the purpose of exploration, trade and colonization, which links them inextricably to a very dark chapter in human history: global colonialism. This period lasted roughly from the 15th century to the middle of the 20th century and is associated with exploitation and slavery. Although Mombasa is loosely set within this time frame, it is not a historical simulation. It is a strategy game with an economic focus that roughly refers to historical categories and places them in a fictional setting. The exploitation of the African continent and its people is not explicitly depicted within the game play.

In Mombasa, players are Investors trying to earn the most money (pounds) by investing goods in chartered companies based in Mombasa, Cape Town, Saint-Louis and Cairo and spreading their trading posts from their company bases throughout the African continent. By investing goods you increase the number of shares you hold in those companies and by spreading their trading posts you increase the value of each share. Also, you can improve your earnings and prospects by building up diamond stocks and by clever bookkeeping.

Mombasa features a unique, rotating-display hand-mechanism that drives game play. Each round players choose action cards from their hand, then reveal them simultaneously and carry out the actions. These cards are then placed in a discard pile, and the previously played cards recovered for the subsequent round.

Each company has a double-sided company track, so games will vary quite a lot based on which tracks are revealed and at which companies they are placed.

1 game board
4 double-sided company tracks (each consisting of 2 jigsaw pieces)
4 player boards (1 of each player color )
44 action cards
36 starting action cards (9 of each player color )
4 “1”-expansion cards
4 track cards
72 book tiles
10 starting tiles
4 bonus tiles
60 coins 40 x 1 pound 20 x 5 pounds
60 trading posts (15 each of 4 colors)
16 track markers (4 of each player color)
20 bonus markers (5 of each player color)
4 ink jar markers 4 diamond markers
1 first player marker
1 scoring note pad
4 overview sheets