Elasund: The First City


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TIDSÅTGÅNG: 60-90 minuter
UTMÄRKELSER: Nej av Spiel Des Jahres, 6:e plats i Deutscher Spiele Preis (2006)
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Years after fearless seafarers discovered and settled the island of Catan the population has grown significantly. Settlements have sprung up across the island and on the coasts, and trade between them has become indispensable.
Catan needs a central trading site, so the Catanians have decided to build their first city. The ideal location would include a port, houses for builders and merchants, warehouses, taverns and a big church in the center. They have named their new city “Elasund,” after their ancestral town
in their old homeland.

In Elasund, players compete and cooperate to build the premier city of Catan. As a developer, you will try to fit as many of your buildings into the open areas of the city as possible.
In order to build a building, you must pay the required amount of gold. You also need to have the right number of Building Permits (1, 2, or 3 depending on the size of the building) placed on the game board. It costs to place building permits but the player with the highest number is the one that’s allowed to place the building – and even construct a larger building on top of a smaller building (perhaps belonging to another player).

Most buildings generate income. At the beginning of each turn, you roll the dice and move the Trade Ship to the row that matches the number you rolled. Each building that is at least partially in that row may produce Gold or Influence Cards, depending on the type of building.
Some buildings can be built by all players, the one who builds it places one of his Victory Point Cubes on it.
You can use Influence Cards to place additional Building Permits, move your Building Permits, or even remove a building that is the same size as one you are building.
Players can also build on the City Wall to get bonuses and on Trade Fields and on the church for victory points.
If you are the first player to place all 10 of your Victory Point Cubes on
the board, you are the winner!

1 Game Rules Booklet
1 Game Board
44 Wooden Pieces:
-40 Victory Point Cubes
-4 round disks in 4 colors
2 Dice
1 Trade Ship
9 Church Tiles
36 City Wall Tiles, 9 per color
37 Buildings:
-16 buildings in the player colors
-21 neutral buildings
90 Game Cards:
-51 Gold Cards
-39 Influence Cards
2 City Gates
4 Turn Overview Cards in 4 player colors
20 Building Permits in 4 colors