Le Havre


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TIDSÅTGÅNG: 30-150 minuter
UTMÄRKELSER: Nej av Spiel Des Jahres, 2:a plats i Deutscher Spiele Preis (2009)
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English Channel, 20th century. A port city is being built! With resources constantly arriving at the wharf, players are continuing to expand the harbor: one building after another is being built, partly by the players, partly by the city. Goods are acquired and refined, ships built, and whoever has the greatest fortune at the end wins. So many possibilities! So little time until the end of the round!

The principle of the game is simple. A player’s turn consists of two parts: First, distribute newly supplied goods onto the Offer spaces;
then take an action. As an action, players may choose either to take all goods of one type from an offer space or to use one of the available buildings. Building actions allow players to upgrade goods, sell them or use them to build their own buildings and ships. Buildings are both an investment opportunity and a revenue stream, as players must pay an entry fee to use buildings that they do not
own. Ships, on the other hand, are primarily used to provide the food that is needed to feed the workers.

After every seven turns, the round ends: a Harvest increases players’ grain and cattle reserves, and players must feed their workers.
After a fixed number of rounds, each player may carry out one fi nal action, and then the game ends. Players add the value of their buildings and ships to their cash reserves. The player who has amassed the largest fortune is the winner.

Le Havre can be played in either a full or a shortened version. In the shortened version, a 4 player game takes about 130 minutes while it takes about 200 minutes in the full version.

33 Standard Building cards
36 Special Building cards
20 Round/Ship cards
11 Loan cards
5 Game Turn/Buttery cards
5 Round Overview cards
48 “1 Franc” coins
30 “5 Franc” coins
60 Cattle/meat tokens
60 Grain/bread tokens
30 Iron/steel tokens
42 Clay/brick tokens
48 Wood/charcoal tokens
42 Fish/smoked fish tokens
30 Coal/coke tokens
30 Hides/leather tokens
7 Supply tiles
16 Food Production tokens
1 Starting Player marker
3 Game boards
5 Wooden Person discs
5 Wooden Ships
1 Rules booklet
1 Buildings overview