Dice Forge

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TIDSÅTGÅNG: 40 minuter
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Greetings, mortal! You have ascended into the divine realms, and here, among the celestial islands, your mettle shall be tested with the utmost rigor. Only the mightiest heroes shall pass all challenges and craft their own destiny, rising to become a demigod. Make your own luck with Dice Forge, a game of crafting dice and heroic deeds for two to four players!

Dice Forge is a board game / eurogame from Libellud that challenges you to harness your powers and challenge up to three other players in a battle for dominance. During the game, your dice provide the resources you need, but throughout the game, you’ll change your dice, snapping new faces on and improving your chances of claiming victory. When the gods call an end to your contest, the player with the most glory wins the game.

Change Your Dice
Every player begins the game with two dice, and these dice are the primary way that you will gain more resources—gold, sun shards, and moon shards. You don’t just receive resources on your own turn, either! At the beginning of each player’s turn, every player will roll their two dice and claim the resources shown on their own dice. At the beginning of the game, your dice are weak, providing very small benefits. As the game goes on, however, you’ll have the chance to improve your dice.

After every player has rolled their dice and collected resources, the active player has the chance to take an action—and one of your most important actions is to visit the temple. In Dice Forge, the temple is the source of new die faces that you can purchase and snap onto your die, replacing one of your die’s existing faces.

As you can see above, the temple has many pools containing new die faces, and each pool has an associated gold cost. To purchase new die faces from the temple, you’ll simply spend gold from your reserves to claim as many new die faces as you like. You’ll need to carefully consider which die faces to purchase and which die faces to replace, however. After all, each pool has a limited supply of new die faces, and if your opponents can upgrade their dice faster than you, you may find yourself falling behind.

Heroic Deeds
You have little time to lose during a game of Dice Forge, and although purchasing new die faces can help you in the long-term, it won’t directly bring you closer to victory. Sooner or later, you’ll need to turn your attention to the mighty deeds that you can accomplish among the celestial islands.

The second action that you can take on your turn is to move your player pawn to any one of the celestial islands, purchasing a new card by spending sun shards or moon shards. Every card has a distinct cost, and by paying the cost in shards, you may take the card and add it to your play area.

Every card among the celestial islands offers unique powers that you can harness to gain the advantage throughout the game. You may expand your reserves with The Blacksmith’s Chest, allowing you to hold more gold, sun shards, and moon shards. You may claim a Great Bear, which gives you glory points every time you oust another hero from their position or you are ousted yourself. You may defeat the Sentinel, who allows you to transform your shards directly into glory, or you may discover the Helmet of Invisibility, which grants you a special die face to incorporate into your dice! Not only do these creatures and relics grant you blessings and special abilities, they’re each worth glory points at the end of the game. Since glory is the final metric for determining victory, you’ll need to accomplish many heroic feats to win the game!

Together, these two actions—visiting the temple and accomplishing heroic deeds—are the heart of a game of Dice Forge. On your turn, you’ll only be able to perform one of these actions, but you can gain the power to perform an additional action by paying two sun shards. In a game that only lasts nine or ten rounds, an additional action can have a huge impact, so you’ll need to carefully weigh how to spend your shards and your actions.

Ascend to the Divine Realm
The capricious gods have granted you the right to perform for their amusement, and perhaps, if you prove victorious, you may even join them in the divine realm. Choose your destiny and craft your dice in every game of Dice Forge!